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We are teamed up with Yuengling Brewery and America’s Finest Armed Forces to bring you challenges Like No Other! We are not your typical mud run, if you’ve done a tough mudder run, warrior dash, or spartan race, then you are trained and ready to experience our series of challenges. Our team of NAVY SEALs will strive to bring the BEST endurance challenges of your life. Do you have what it takes to navigate your way through our Military Style Warfare “O” Courses? These are not flat ground races. All of our courses will be over rough terrain even if we have to make them that way.

We believe our series of challenges bring together all aspects of endurance competitiveness, mental and physical strength, fitness, stamina, camaraderie and all around TOUGHNESS, in the spirit of honoring all of AMERICA’s ARMED FORCES: Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

Our encouraging and motivational drill instructors will push you mentally, along the way, to the finish. We want everyone to be able to finish our challenges, sometimes a little bit of team spirit is all that it takes for NO ONE to be LEFT BEHIND.

Our challenges are professionally timed as we know that all athletes and bad-ass individuals have a goal. Come dressed in your camouflaged kilt and prepare for enduring the ROUGHEST, TOUGHEST, MUDDIEST battles.


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This is our RUGGED 3-4 mile course featuring 10-12 obstacles. For the mudquest in you. Fun, Beer, Mud, Live Music.


Conquer your fears in our ROUGH-n-TOUGH 6-8 mile course with 14-18 obstacles. For the individual & team run. Testing your inner self.


This is our 10-15 mile course with 18-24 obstacles, for the truly bad ass. If you think you have what it takes. Our team of Navy SEALs designed our course. THE BADDEST CHALLENGE ON EARTH !